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TED Talks that Inspired Our 2018 Speakers

Preparing to be a TEDx speaker isn’t just practicing a speech alone and getting up on stage. It takes a team of people that help break down your topic and build it back up so that the audience can follow your story and build a connection with you.

One of the ways our TEDxStJohns coaches helped our speakers this year was by giving them each several TED talks to study. Some were similar topics, while some were more about presentation. By studying these talks, our speakers could focus on building the skills necessary to deliver a great TED talk of their own.

To help you get in the mindset of each of our speakers before our event on June 2nd, here is one TED talk per speaker that our coaches recommended early in their prep:

To hear how these TED talks served as inspiration to our speakers, be sure to get your tickets for TEDxStJohns 2018!


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